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Many fabrics require the special process of dry cleaning. Over the years, clothing has trended from no iron to no dry cleaning. But some fabrics are timeless in their effect and popularity. Many of these fabrics still need to be dry cleaned to maintain their beauty and resiliency in their weave.

We are a full service 
dry cleaners in Naperville, IL. Our dry cleaning services are guaranteed. Your garment will be treated with the greatest of care and attention. We also provide drapery service. Many drapes require dry cleaning to maintain their shape and flow. We offer a full service dry cleaning for these unique fabrics with special purposes in your home.

Our professional staff are ready to help you with your dry cleaning needs. We offer same day service. When you have a special event and need linens ready, we can help you get those linens ready quickly. If you have any questions about your garments or household items, bring them in for us to evaluate. We would be happy to help you determine if dry cleaning is the right solution for cleaning. Many clothes and household fabrics are unique and can be difficult to clean.

Put your clothes and fabrics into our qualified professional hands. They will come back home fresh and colorful. We test each item thoroughly before starting the dry cleaning process. We have the expertise on hand to evaluate your wedding dress and prom dresses. Keep your mother’s wedding dress forever with our dry cleaning and preservation techniques. Vintage  dresses are timeless. It is our pleasure to help you restore and preserve your heritage.

At Heritage Dry Cleaning our full service dry cleaning is at your service. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions about your garments or special fabrics. Drapes, linens, and other household fabrics make your house a home. 

We guarantee our dry cleaning will make your draperies and home fabrics fresh.

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