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How many times have those jeans, pants, and slacks gotten home only to find they are too long. Maybe you bought a blouse and the sleeves hung past your fingertips.

At Heritage Dry Cleaning, our alterations i
n Naperville, IL covers hemming and so much more. Maybe you have a special dress that needs a little fitting. We have found that many prom dresses need slight alterations to give that special fit for lasting beauty. These memories are priceless and we are honored to be a part of them. Our seamstresses and tailors are experts in the sewing industry. They provide comprehensive services for your alteration project. Custom fitting is a luxury you should afford for yourself.

When the clothes fit, the right fit makes the right look. Accurate and professional, our alteration services seek to provide Naperville with reliable work for a beautiful outcome. Your household items might also need some alterations. You might have a special table cloth that needs hemming or a comforter that has begun to fray. No project is too small for our expert staff. Friendly and courteous, your alteration team seeks to make you happy.

There are many new fabrics on the market now that are challenging to alter. We are trained with the times. Our staff routinely train and study new fabrics.  If your waist line has expanded, our team can tackle your favorite outfit so you don’t have to part with it. Life happens to us. Don’t give up on options. Alterations are a good solution for many garment and house hold challenges.

You will be surprised at how our experts can customize your garment. Many garments have a certain construction that our tailors and seamstresses are well trained to handle. Don’t give up on that garment. We can fit you.

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